Monday, April 30, 2012

How To: This Season's Twisted Side Bun

I've got sick, and everything hurts. I'm so tired, and sleepless. Ugh! But, I don't want to leave blogging behind too much, so here it is!
This hairstyle looked great on Taylor Swift at this year's Grammy Awards! It brought her soft and classy side and it went great with the nude sparkly dress! Now, on the video the stylist used a hook to capture the hair into a pony tail. Instead of that you can use small rubber bands and then using a bobby pin, twist your lock around the pony. This hairstyle is great for medium length hair, or longer short hair. Don't try it if you have long hair, then it will all look like a unfixed, loose "bun". Good luck!

Friday, April 27, 2012

How To: Classy Homecoming Hairstyle

This is a very beautiful classy  homecoming/wedding hairstyle. And plus, it's very quick and simple! If you look closely you can see that step 3. looks very beautiful itself. So, this is kinda, two-tutorial post! The weeding/homecoming hairstyle & the unnormal cool 'pony'! Hope , you'll try it!

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Trend: Floral Printed Pants/Spring Perfect

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week! This week I was researching the must have looks for this spring! And I've found it - floral pants! They look awesome and trendy, and they look great with bright colors, black,  white.... I suggest you buy maybe two floral printed pants, with different print colors so you can combine them with all kinds of colors. They go great with everything, so have fun with flowers! 

Of course, you can buy  floral shorts!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To: Awesome Space Manicure

I've seen manicures like this one before, on Facebook, We Heart It... but I couldn't figure out how can they make it. How can you make that awesome manicure? Or was it just photoshop? Well, I was surprised to see how it's made, because, on the pictures it all seems so difficult. I really can't wait to try it on my nails! I already have all the nail polishes and a sponge. if you want to try it, then good luck ladies!

How To: Beautiful Bow Manicure

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trend: Messy Hairstyles/Spring Perfect

Yep, they are back! And I'm so happy that they are IN again, because I really like the bed-head look! When I say 'messy hairstyles' I mean messy fishtails, braids, short hair and buns. I already posted a post on  how to make a fishtail braid ( <-- click!) and I also have a lost of different kinds of bun styles. Don't forget that, If you want a bed-head look you'll need some hair volumizer and after putting it on your hair, wrinkle it. It's pretty simple. And so beautiful! Here's a tutorial on how to make wavy hair without using any heat!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To: Rihanna Inspired 80's Curly Up-Do

Hey everyone! Here's a hint of the 80's today! I like the glamorous and ladylike style of the 80's! And who brought that style back to life on the red carpet? Exactly, Rihanna! With her brave clothes, she always gets great critics from fashion experts all around the world! So, for you to be a trend setter like her, you will need a fresh new hairstyle!

The girl in the video used some clip in hair extensions ( <--- click! ) and some false eyelashes. You will need a heat hair curler ( so you could get those loose bouncy curls on your pony tail ) and some bobby pins! This hairstyle is perfect for a holiday, picnic, for school and of course you can wear it every day. You can use headbands ( I found a great site full of headband collections! Click! ) Good luck!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How To: Homecoming/Everyday Updo

Hey guys! I've found a really great hair tutorial on You-Tube! It's a classy, stylish updo perfect not only homecoming, but also for everyday wear! It's not to hard, but be careful with the part when you throw over your hair over the little bun. And yes, I do not recommend this type of hairstyle for short hair girls, It will get messy... Not very much to say, wish you good luck!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trend: Beautiful Lace/Spring Perfect

Sorry for not posting lately. I was kinda busy. As you can see, there is a slash behind these last, I think, two posts, and behind it says 'Spring Perfect'. I put that so you can get a to-do list for this spring, so you can always  be in-tuned for this springs trends! Hope it's going to bee useful!

Another thing that brings out the femininity in a woman is lace. So beautiful and enough elegant for every day wear, it's not a surprise that they became a hit right away! And now you can find them on dresses, tops and even shorts! If you want a lace top or dress I recommend you look in Zara stores ( <-- click! ) because I saw a lot of those clothes there. I'm really in love with lace at the moment, they look so vintage and what I really really love is that they are ( as I said ) enough elegant for you to wear them everyday! And they go great with only one colored piece ( like lace top and black skirt ). But, if you want, there are also colored lace clothes. Honestly, I recommend to you to try it!

all of the images are from We Heart It 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Trend: Pastel Colors/Spring Perfect

Who would thought that soft pastel would be IN this spring?! Especially mint green and apricot. Which is my favorite color :) Those are very nice soft colors and they look really good with white ( such as white or apricot lace ) or some else soft colors. Or if you like, you can always make a bold combination with black or brighter colors, and you can use all kinds of geometric and floral prints! And yes, they are IN too! All in all, you just need these   colors in your closet. And I have two reasons: First - they are this seasons must have ; Second - they stand out the femininity in every girl. Try it, ad tell me what you think!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How To: Blake Lively Hairstyle From 'Gossip Girl'/Spring Perfect

Okay girls, you know what's coming? Exactly, spring! Get out your vibrant, colorful, with floral prints dresses and get outside! And what do you need except a great outfit? A great hairstyle. I've found a great simple fashionable hairstyle. I know it's fashionable because Blake wore it as Serena Van Der Woodsen in "Goosip Girl" ;) It's perfect for everyday wear and it goes with all kinds of hair barrettes and hair accessorizes. Good luck ladies!

Use all kinds of accessorizes. 

This is not me :) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How To: Hayley Williams Inspired Make-Up Tutorials

The lead singer of a legend band named - Paramore , Hayley Williams, is a real presenter of the girls alternative rock scene. I heard about Paramore years ago, but I didn't know any of they'r songs... So, one day I turned on the TV and heard the song "Monster". I've got interested and went to You-Tube and found a lot more songs. And today, I'm addicted to them. My favorite songs are:
-"The Only Exception" 
-"Decode" .... and much more
So, in the honor of my favorite rock singer, who's hair is made of real fire ;), I will post a quick make up tutorial, because the only thing you need to do to get her hairstyle is to dye your hair into fire orange. But, if you want I can post a special tutorial for that kind of hairstyle.

Let's get started! This is a make-up tutorial from the "Misery Business" video. It's pretty and it goes with a colorful and happy outfit. Perfect for a sunny day and a walk through the city. Use a gold shadestick. But, be careful, this is not a everyday make up, if you wear it at day, you will look too flamboyant, and that's not very smart. Good luck! I really like it!

And the second make up video is inspired by the song " The Only Exception" and it's much more natural. And simpler. You will need some nude colors.

All of the pictures are from We Heart It and Google

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