Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY: Summer Feather Hair Accessories

Hey everyone! If someone would ask me what is my favorite hair accessory, the answer would be simple. Hair feathers! It's very popular and gives a fresh & earthy look. And celebrities love it! It fills the California Cool look. So the items you're going to need, you probably already have at home. I like it that way.

1. INGREDIENTS: old t-shirt, hair clip, scissors, super glue, twine, and feathers.

    2. Cut or strip t-shirt into strips. Cut it so that the's 3 different lengths of fabric. One really long, one medium length and one shorter length. You can even tie the ends together for a detailed look. 

 3. Attach t-shirt fabric to clip. Using the twine I simply tied and tightly knotted the fabric onto the end of the clip.

   4. Warp twine around t-shirt strips. Wind the twine around all the fabric pieces separately.

5. Super glue the end of the feather.

 6. Slip the glued feather through the wrapped twine. 

7. Secure the feather with a snipped of twine. Knot it good.
8. So, repeat it 7-8 times until you get the right amount of feathers and twine. And then place the hair-piece in the back ( at the roots ) underneath your hair. Good luck! 

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  1. Wow! This is amazing, great DIY!

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