Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style A Beehive

Well here's a very beautiful 1960' inspired hair tutorial. When I say beehive, it automatically reminds me on the girl who marked it - Amy Winehouse. I really respect her work and love some of her songs, like "Valerie". But this post is about the amazing beehive hairstyle. Honestly, it's not that hard when you're having the right supplies. The supplies needed: a bath loofa ( any color ), a piece of fabric that matches the color of your hair ( large enough to cover you loofa ), a rubber band, bobby pins and hair spray.

Step 1: cover your bath loofa with a solid fabric that matches your hair color. 

Step 2: pull one small section of hair forward ( leave unteased ). Gather a 1-2 inch section, spray and back-comb it. Repeat with 2-3 more sections. 

Step 3: Add the loofa to your hair. Wherever you position the loofa will be where the bump sits. Cover it with pieces of hair and pint each one down. Continue to cover it from every direction untill the loofa is completely hidden.

Step 4: pull the pieces from the sides of the hair back to cover the sides of the bump.  

Step 5: choose to pull the back of the hair up or leave it down ( Amy Winehouse style)! And done! This tutorial is very easy and beautiful! Have fun!

Credit: to my favorite blog - a Beautiful Mess. I just love them and their new design! xxx


  1. Hey,
    I found your blog because you follow Ashley’s blog (Ring my bell) and I thought I would check out a few other Bloggers that follow her. She has great style and I really like your as well. You have a awesome blog and this post is great, loving the hair style! It would be cool if we could follow each other!
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