Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nail Tutorial/Pink Crush

It's been a long time since I've posted a nail tutorial. Maybe because I got a little uninspired. Nail art never was a thing Im good at. But, I'm satified with just watching or adding glitter. My dear friend - Sanya, is very good at that, and she is always creative. So, all of you shoud visit her blog - When I'm Bored. I just love the name.

But, this is not about that. This tutorial is from one of my favorite blogs - The Wonder Forest. It's very simple, plus I get to add sprinkles. Hahahha. It's pretty easy adding them with a makeup sponge. They are a little bit stick so the glitter won't fall off. The white base is important to. So instead of adding multiple coats and messing everything up, you'll have the real bright color with only one coat. And just in case your nails have already dried, put a finishing colorless polish.

nail polish: FOREVER 21 "PEACH"

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