Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Perfect Holiday Hair

Here is a little secret technique for perfect holiday hair. I just love it! It looks cute and perfectly undone, and in the same time just enough. All the credits go to A Beautiful Mess, and amazing Katie. Thank you for shairng! You may think that she used a curler on the third picture, but it's actually a piece of thick fabric. It's been folded one or two times. The fabric she used was 4.5x4.5 inches and dubled over.

Start by gathering a section of hair from the top of your head. Tease it to add some textue and volume. Take the piece of fabric (already folded) and warp the hair around it like a curler. Continue rolling the hair untill you reach the scalp. Pin in place. After that, add some random braids just to add a little character.

You can add some hair accessories, just to fill the look. And done!

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