Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beachy Waves, Kristen Stewart Way

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting anything for these few days. I guess I'm feeling a little uninspired.... but I think I'm getting back my inspiration with the amazing beachy waves that are Kristen Stewart's signature look. They look so youthful, fun and intentionally made to look "undone". Kristen is one of my favorite actresses, and I just love her style in general. So when my hair grows back, I'm definitely gonna try it!

This is Kristen for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. These beautiful messy, sexy waves will never get old, and they're so easy to make! Take a look at this video:

Kristen Stewart chose the 2011 MTV Movie Awards to showcase no fuss no muss hairstyle. And she did it well, combined with the red safety pin custom made Balmain dress. To recreate Kristen's low-key yet sexy spent-the-day-at-the-beach waves, here is the tutorial:

Fekkai Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel created a raw rock and roll style for Kristen. SoAbergel started by applying the Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Styling Whip throughout and rough dried the hair. Once dried, he re-applied the Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Styling Whip and re-dried the hair to create a natural wave. He then backcombed the hair from roots to ends spraying Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray and slightly ironed the hair. Finally, he brushed the hair to form the texture of the hair.
All products by Fekkai: Advanced Full Blown Volume Styling Whip ($23) and Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray ($24). Available at and Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.
As she walked in the red carpet during the recent 2012 MTV Movie Awards, you can’t help but love her in her quirky lime and silver mini-dress, and of course, her signature wild tousles that a lot of girls would kill to achieve. She was all rock glam, and gorgeous! Here's an no-heat tutorial: 

Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner (do not comb it but do brush it before washing). Let it air-dry for a while until it becomes a little damp. Work on some volumizing mousse through your hair to give it more body as well as a natural look when it dries up. Part your hair into four sections. Using scrunchies, twist the first section round and round, and as tight as you want them. Loose twists mean loose curls. Clip it up to a bun. Then, do the same thing with the rest of the sections. Leave the buns on for 1–2 hours, and then let them loose. Flip over your head and scrunch your hair with your hands to give it body and definition.

To achieve the side-sweep part, drag one section of your hair to the other side and secure them with bobby pins. For the finishing touch, finger-comb it or use some cream or spray to get rid of the unruly ones. The messier the better, good luck! 


  1. Her hair looks so full and healthy in those bottom pics- gorgeous.Rx

  2. Can you please do a tutorial on how to get your hair to look thinner sort of, like Kristen Stewart in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Her hair looks sexy as thin, it almost looks damp in a way. Can you please do this tutorial without using that many products or heat, I can't really afford that many products, and I broke my flat iron. Can you do it using "sleep in a bun" or sort things like that, maybe even washing your hair in a certain way. I want the dirty but sexy look without it being greasy

  3. Can you please do a tutorial on Kristen Stewarts hair in te movie Snow White and the Huntsman? Her hair is thin looking yet sexy. It looks kid of damp in a way, the hair is separated but it is not poofy, barely any volume. Can you please do the tutorial without using heat or that many products? I don't really own any of them and I can't go bye them. would really appreciate it if you did it, but it is okay if you need to yes heat or products. Maybe you can do like "sleep in two buns overnight" or something like that. Maybe even using a certain amount of shampoo or conditioner. I want to achieve her massy, thin, sexy look without making my hair greasy, and preferably without products or heat:)

    I really appreciate it,


  4. Can you please do a tutorial on the bottom pics?

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