Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ponytail Twist

How often do you wear ponytails? They're so cute and there's nothing more trendy when you spice it up a little bit. The hair is very vital part with your everyday look. It can tell exactly how much you take care of it. And when you srtyle it, it can give a completly different look. So if you're looking for some great ways to spice up your hair, try this amazing 5min. tutorial from A Cup Of Jo.

Split your hair into two sections, straight down the back, but off center, about 3/4. You want one large section, and then one smaller section that's about an inch or two away from your ear. Than take the larger section and make a ponytail, securing tightly with a rubber band. Twist the smaller section AWAY from your face. Make the twist as tight as you can, so it doesn't become too loose later on. After that, wrap the twisted section over the top of the ponytail and around to the bottom. Pin the twisted wrap in place. After you've secured the twist with enough pins, let it untwist and blend in with the rest of your ponytail. Done and done! SO easy!

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