Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How To Wear An Oversized Tee

Ok, I really like the oversized tee look. And I've seen girls wearing them with skinny jeans or leggings with all kinds of prints. But just to be clear, every OVS ( oversized ) tee goes best with normal one-colored leggings. Of course, if it's hot, then use an denim shorts. But, even if I try to wear the OVS look, how can I do it so that it won't look like I'm just wearing an too-big top?! And how to make it look cuter?
Well, the answer is simple - Jewelry.

Yes,  A cute long necklace is always a good idea, then you can wear bracelets or rings too if you want. Just don't go overboard.
Or, you can wear it with one shoulder and add then a big necklace. And that depends on if it's really big or with small shoulders. 
If it's big - one shoulder + big necklace;
Small shoulders - just jewelry
Or, there's an third option: tuck it in! And here is an video:


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