Thursday, March 29, 2012

Model: Lana Del Rey For UK Vouge 2012

A rising star Lana Del Rey conquered the world with her American old stars style. And everyone got addicted to it. Also her lips are beautiful, and a lot of people thing that he had plastic surgery... the bad news is that those are her real lips... Well girls I know you might hate her because of her lips... ;) but don't! Lana is a very sweet girl and has a powerful voice. I personally love her because she has different songs than other artists and is not afraid to express her old stars style. Lana said that her album 'Born To Die' is a 'tribute to living life on the wild side' and that she maybe won't have any albums more... well, I hope that's not true. 

Lana Del Rey, UK Vouge issue for March 2012




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  1. I love her style. I wish my hair looked like hers xx


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